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With decades of combined experience, our engineers have extensive expertise in production and testing a wide array of magnetics components.

Coast/ACM's engineering team takes pride in its ability to serve each and every customer with outstanding quality. With decades of combined experience, our engineers have extensive expertise in production and testing a wide variety of magnetics components.
The Coast/ACM engineering team focuses on military (MIL-PRF-27) & space (MIL-STD-981) magnetics as well as custom products. The ability to convert and fine-tune your commercial components into military and space level products is our speciality - as well as bringing your custom designs to fruition. Although our expertise lies in incorporating and developing customer drawings, Coast/ACM engineers are well-versed in designing custom magnetics to meet your specifications.
In addition to the standard product line, Coast/ACM has provided thousands of custom-designed magnetics over the years to customers with more specific needs. We have the capability to utilize a myriad of manufacturing procedures and package options (e.g. surface mount, leaded, gull-wing) to satisfy all requirements of form, fit, and function.

Coast/ACM's engineering and manufacturing capabilities include, but are not limited to, magnetic components such as:


Pulse Transformers ∙ Inverter Transformers ∙ Audio Transformers ∙ Flyback Transformers


Toroidal Transformers ∙ Precision Ratio Transformers ∙ Power Transformers


Air Core Inductors ∙ Coupled Inductors ∙ RF Coils


Switching Reactors ∙ Charging Reactors ∙ Magnetic Amplifiers ∙ Filter Chokes


Low Pass Filters ∙ High Pass Filters ∙ Band Pass Filters



Please contact us for all requests and questions regarding custom products.

Click here to view a catalog of some of our custom products.

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