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Since 1952, Coast/ACM has been a premier manufacturer of high reliability inductors and transformers used in commercial, defense, and space applications. Although specializing in the production of custom magnetic components, Coast/ACM also supplies various catalog items ranging from chip inductors to power transformers. We take pride in being your source for magnetic components - high quality with short delivery.
Coast/ACM proudly backs its products with a highly skilled engineering, customer service, and production team. Their support, combined with a refined, certified quality management system, makes Coast/ACM a leading supplier in the magnetics industry.
Manufacturing, including MIL-STD-981 & other space level requirements, along with research & development, prototyping, and lab analysis are headquartered in a state of the art facility in Torrance, California. Coast/ACM has an additional 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Guatemala.

Manufacturing and engineering excellence at Coast/ACM has been recognized by many respected and valued customers such as U.S. Defense Prime Contractors and Fortune 500 companies.
Supplier awards include: 
  • 2002 Nunn Perry Award (Coast/ACM + TRW Space)
  • Raytheon Supplier Excellence Award
  • Northrop Grumman Space Technology Gold Supplier
  • Rockwell Collins President's Award
  • Honeywell Satellite System Operations Recognition
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