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Coast/ACM specializes in RF, high voltage, temperature and other custom applications.

Production operates from a facility in Guatemala located in a new industrial park just outside Guatemala City. The location is ideal to attract highly skilled and educated workers.
We have the capability to bring a customer's design from specified drawing to full production run with complete documentation along the way (delivery milestones, first article inspection reports, fabrication and inspection logs, material traceability, etc). Engineers and production staff have extensive experience in packaging customer products with access to thousands of various encapsulation shells, headers, and coil mounts. 
Coast/ACM also has the ability to reproduce and/or up-screen components to customer-desired specification (e.g. commercial to critical flight application).
Our skilled technicians are trained to perform various electrical, mechanical, and environmental tests and inspections in accordance with military specifications and customer requirements.
Electrical Screening:
  • DC Resistance, Dielectric Withstanding Voltage, Inductance, Impedance, Self-Resonant Frequency, Quality Factor (Q), Turns Ration, Common Mode Rejection, Oscilloscope Analysis
Visual & Mechanical Screening:
  • Radiographic Inspection (static & real-time), Solderability, Visual Examination, Dimensional Examination 
Environmental Screening:
  • Thermal Shock, Temperature Rise, Life, Shock & Vibration, Moisture Resistance
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