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Coast / ACM

MIL-STD-981 Space Level Magnetics


Since the inception of MIL-STD-981, no other magnetics company has produced more MIL-STD-981 parts than Coast/ACM. We were the first fully approved 981 house by NASA, Rockwell, TRW, Honeywell, SPAR, Adcole, CAE, RCA and JPL. We were instrumental in working with Godard Space Systems in the initial drafting and subsequent revisions of MIL-STD-981. In fact twenty-two of our recommendations were incorporated into revision B. Our facility is maintained under MIL-STD-981 quality assurance provisions. All customer drawings are controlled by baseline documents. Detailed production instructions and procedures are in place to assure full compliance to Class S requirements. All drawings are CAD based with detail operations and procedure callouts. A computerized quality assurance system provides for material traceability, fabrication records and all special customer requirements including pre-cap and source inspection points. All production planning is based on PERT flow diagrams to provide maximum controls. All production and inspection personal are trained in all areas of MIL-STD-981 workmanship and cleanliness. Engineering design criteria has been established to provide proper clearances, approved materials, insulation systems, wire to terminal connections and processing.


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