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Coast / ACM


LC and Active Filters

Coast/ACM specializes in a wide variety of custom built LC and Active filters including low-pass, high pass, band pass, band-reject and all-pass delay equalizers. Some of the functions and their characteristics that are used to derive the required response are delineated below:











Gaussian Family                      


Maximally flat passband with monotonically increasing attenuation.


Equal ripple passband with monotonically increasing attenuation. Faster passband to stopband transition and larger VSWR than the Butterworth response.


Equal ripple passband and stopband with zeros of transmission in the stopband. Faster passband to stopband transition.


Favorable impulse response at the expense of magnitude response. Gausian Bessel, and Linear Phase with Equiripple Phase Error are all members of the Gaussian family of filters.

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